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Heavy Duty & Rotator Service

So many vehicles break down on the side of the road and of course, there are a lot of unfortunate collisions that may occur too. Because of this, the need for a reliable and trusted emergency roadside assistance service provider is very important to have. If it has happened that your vehicle has ended up in a pit or any place where you are unable to remove it, it may be necessary to make use of a rotator for the removal. We offer rotator services for all vehicle types. If you have an emergency and require the removal of your vehicle, make sure to give us a call. 

Removal from hard to reach places

When there have been horrible weather conditions, such as heavy rainfall, it can be the cause of many accidents. If there has been heavy rainfall or a big storm and your vehicle has ended up in a ditch or embankment and you are unable to remove the vehicle, then give us a call. Our rotator services allow us to remove any and all vehicles from difficult places. Our rotator tow truck arms are able to rotate 360 degrees which means that there is no hard-to-reach place that we cannot safely remove your vehicle from. Call us today to assist with the removal of your vehicle today. 

Heavy-duty towing 

Our services are not limited to towing of standard vehicle types, we are able to remove all heavy-duty vehicles too. It is important that should your heavy-duty vehicle break down, or if it gets stuck in an embankment or ditch that you make sure to contact a service provider that can assist with a heavy-duty vehicle. Our rotator tow trucks make it easy to remove all heavy-duty vehicles. Our rotator trucks are able to lift up to 70 tons, which means that in the case that you require your tractor, truck, or other vehicle towed, we will be able to assist. 

Vehicle recoveries 

In the case that you require removal of a heavy-duty vehicle or any type of vehicle removed, whether from an accident or from a busy intersection on the freeway, we will be able to assist with quick and safe removals of all vehicles, including heavy-duty vehicles with our heavy-duty rotator services. If you are based in the Bastrop area, and you require urgent emergency removal for your heavy-duty vehicle, then make sure to reach out to us today. We make sure to always treat each case with the utmost care and make sure to have all vehicles removed quickly to avoid any further obstruction to other drivers. 

Dedicated team 

When it comes to the removal of your heavy-duty vehicle from an embankment, ditch, or any other place, you probably want to ensure that the removal happens quickly and safely. We have got a dedicated team to ensure that we get to your location at the quickest time and that we handle the removal of your vehicle just as quickly. If you are interested in finding out more about our services, or if you require the use of rotator services, then make sure to get in touch with us today. Our team is readily available to assist with all your requirements.

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